Saibaba Mosaic

The Saiteerth Theme Park in Shirdi contains the largest Saibaba mosaic in the country. The largest Sai Baba mosaic ever produced with Rubik’s Cubes is this one, which was made with those puzzle pieces. The creation of this wonderful work of art took 4 days, or 65 hours, and 4,212 Rubik’s Cubes. The prepared Sai picture measures 15 feet in length and 10 feet in height.

The India Book of Records now includes this amazing piece of art. A young artist with a penchant for producing such works of art, Chinmay Prabhu prepared the Rubik’s Cube that was used to create the mosaic. The artwork demonstrates the artist’s commitment to and devotion to Sai Baba.

The mosaic of Sai Baba constructed with Rubik’s Cubes is a wonderful reflection of his teachings and legacy. It honours the saint while showcasing the elegance and depth of art. The inclusion of Rubik’s Cubes, a well-known puzzle item, gives the artwork a unique twist and demonstrates the artist’s inventiveness.

The mosaic is now a feature of Shirdi’s Saiteerth Theme Park, a well-liked vacation spot for Sai Baba devotees. Several attractions, including Teerth Yatra, Lanka Dahan 5D performance, Dwarkamai Robotic display, and Sabka Malik Ek movie, can be found in the park that is devoted to the saint. The mosaic’s addition to the park enhances its aesthetic appeal and spiritual importance.

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