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Sai teerth - Shirdi Theme Park

Situated in the holy town of Shirdi, Sai Teerth is India’s first devotional theme park dedicated to the revered saint Sai Baba. Sai teerth is a perfect amalgamation of devotion,technology and entertainment. Four custom-built, world-class themed attractions amaze visitors with their grandeur, innovation and attention to detail. Saiteerth is brought to you by Malpani Group

Show Time

Note : Show Time may vary as per crowd. / भीड के अनुसार शो टाईम बदल सकते है.

A spiritual journey across 10 devotional temples of India.
Relive Lord Hanuman’s epic adventure in Lanka in 5D.
The life and teachings of Sai Baba retold on the giant screen.
saiteerth dwarkamai
A life-like interaction with Sai Baba in a never before seen humanoid avatar.

The major attraction of Sai Teerth Theme park Shirdi are Teerth Yatra, Lanka Dahan, Sabka Malik Ek, Dwarkamai, Acrobat Dance, Laser Show, Mosaic of Sai. Some attractions are having fixed time slot mentioned in above. We can experience the life of sai baba amazingly at theme park. Each show represented in different way and having different feature, that make show attractive. Sai theme park Teerth Yatra included 10 devotional temples of India make your journey spiritual.

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